Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Day I Decided To Go Secular…

People whom know me on the personal level or read my posts on this blog might get the idea that I am conservative (which I am to an extent).
Those same people might think that I would have backed up (and voted) for the Muslim Brotherhood (the Freedom and Justice political party) in the current Egyptian Parliamentary elections.

Well, they were wrong, and here’s why…

I didn’t vote for the Muslim Brotherhood because I do not want a parliament with a vast majority party that would (over time) morph into another version of the corrupt National Democratic Party (Mubarak’s x-party which has been dismantled after the 2011 Revolution).

Being conservative does not mean being narrow-minded. It does not mean turning a blind eye to the consequences that might occur if we don’t think things through (and see the big picture).

I believe in an Egypt which applies Islamic rulings in things like justice, fighting corruption, helping the poor, cleanliness, opposing what is wrong, respecting other religions, respects human rights, and every other beautiful core concept in Islam.

At the same time, I believe in an Egypt which accommodates other points of view without out-casting them or denying them the right to have a say in their country.

Only through a balanced Parliament can we achieve such an equation.

To say it in simple words…

I voted secular because I believe Egypt has always been great enough to accommodate all cultures, religions, and political ideologies.

I voted secular because I believe we owe it to Egypt to keep it that way… a country we are all proud to be part of.

God bless you my Egypt, God bless you :)

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