Friday, February 10, 2012

Another Nail in Al- Ahram’s Coffin... The LIARS!

Unlike the usual me, I decided to read Al Ahram newspaper online today (Al Ahram is a once respected official Egyptian news agency that has been accused over the past 40 years of being a mouthpiece for whomever is ruling Egypt).

To my surprise I found this article.

In an obvious and very pathetic attempt to give some credibility to Hussein Tantawi  (Field Marshal of the Egyptian Army and head of the Egyptian Supreme Council that is ruling Egypt currently - whom revolutionaries have been demanding his resignation and the withdrawal of the Army from politics) the article in one part stated the following:
وتقول في موضع آخر أن الجيش المصري قبل طنطاوي كان متأخرا بــ30 عاما عن إسرائيل وفي2005 وقت كتابة الوثيقة كان الجيش المصري قد سبق إسرائيل في الكم والنوع بثلاثة اعوام.”

The document states (referring to the Wikileaks article they are supposed to be quoting from) that the Egyptian Army before Tantawi was 30 years behind Israel, and in 2005 the Egyptian Army is actually 3  years ahead of Israel’s Army in terms of quantity and quality

Of course since I almost choked when I read this, I went and checked for myself and here is what I found in one of the cables:

5. (S/NF) Decision-making within MOD rests almost solely with Minister of Defense Field Marshal Tantawi. In office since 1991, he consistently resists change to the level and direction of FMF funding and is therefore one of the chief impediments to transforming our security relationship. During his tenure, the tactical and operational readiness of the Egyptian Armed Forces (EAF) has degraded.

The@ #&$ pathetic useless lairs!
I mean; even if what they stated was in Wikileaks (which I seriously doubt as i didn't find it), wouldn’t it have been more professional (from a journalism point of view) to state the above section too?

When will they learn that Egyptians won’t take this rubbish anymore?!
I3lam monafek!

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