Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Canada 101 for Immigrants (1/5)

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So, It has been almost a year since I immigrated to “O Canada”, and what a year it has been!
I mean the amount of things I went through over this year, I could easily fit them into like 3 years or something.

There was so much to learn, understand, and experiment with… and there is still so much to come.

You’d be amazed how simple things can really stress you out. Things like bus tickets, schedules, gas payments, rental procedures, automated parking lot payment booths, traffic signage, customs, taxes… and so many other things.

Before I arrived here, I never imagined being stressed out about such (what seemed like trivial) things. But, put those along the fact that you barely know anyone, you have no job, your family is with you, no schools, lack of resources, and a final twist… lack of language (French)… the stress will be high.

The Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Ministry (www.cic.gc.ca/english/) has done a very good job in terms of trying to give you an idea of what to do, where to go, and whom to contact as a new immigrant (via their website, pamphlets, information at points of entry into the country). But, what an immigrant really lacks (from my experience) was the (what seemed as) simple stuff I mentioned before.
This led me to think… why not write a few posts about the day to day things we have to go through as new immigrants (till they become a normal part of our daily life).

Below are the topics that'll be covered per post (this one being Post 1)…

Post 2:
-          Before Arriving
-          Arriving
-          Accommodation
o   Temporary Accommodation
o   First few Years Rental
o   Buying a House

Post 3:
-          Bills
-          Clothing
-          Transportation
o   Public Transportation
o   Driving & Signs
o   Gas Stations
o   Parking
-          Medical Care

Post 4:
-          Telecoms & Internet Access
-          Banks
-          Taxes
-          Schools

Post 5… The Finale:
-          BEWARE Of Historical and Language Issues!
-          Norms & Misconceptions About Canada
Hope you’ll find them useful.

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